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The world's fastest cross-platform file transfer tool - Shareit!
shareit download

What is shareit download?

Shareit download is a freeware for Android, IOS, and windows, to share all your files with direct Wi-Fi, whenever you want to share files from one PC to another PC or one mobile to another without any lagging or any problem. Then just download the latest version of Shareit download and it will take the full responsibility to share your files.100% accurately and safely.

You and your Friends can transfer unlimited files to each other by entering the shareit portal after you have downloaded the shareit download application.

SHAREit Download

Shareit is the most reliable and the most fastest file transferring software in the world, you can download files from phones to tabs and to PCs using direct Wi-Fi connections, and shareit lets you share all the pictures and videos, music, Documents, Apps to one device to another device, but the device that you want to transfer must have install Shareit. Because shareit only communicates with shareit enable devices. There’s no size limit on files that you can share.

Features of ShareIt download

From just one tap you can save the storage on your mobile phone, Backup all your photos to your pc, after you Download Shareit you don’t won’t to worry about deleting items on your phone to add space, Shareit file sharing speed up to 200 x faster than Bluetooth, you don’t need cables, Bluetooth or an activated Wi-Fi router to connect with anther shareit Downloaded user. You just connect to your Wi-Fi direct connection, (note; don’t worry this will avoid any network charges), that means you don’t have to worry about your data plan any more to transfer heavy files between friends.

Note: if you are an IOS user then the receiving shareit device must connect to same local Wi-Fi network that you already have been connected, there are No mind confusing features just Download Shareit and go inside the app and u will find out that it is very simple, one tap options, very easy, (Just tap it, shareit), Share any file with no charges and without worrying about your data plan. Share files with multiple devices, Send and receive files easily, Control and clone it.

shareit download

How to transfer files using shareit download?

(Note: blue steps are for sender, Green steps are for receiver)

Step 1: Download shareit for both devices

Step 2: Sender >> click the send button

shareit download

Step 3: Receiver >> Click the receive button

shareit download

Step 4: Sender >> press select and pick any file from your storage and then click next

shareit download

Step 5: Sender >> scan and find your recipient

shareit download

Step 6: Receiver >> just accept (click yes) the transferring request sent by the sender.

How to Use Shareit download on PC?

Connect to your PC First then check if the recipient has started SHARE it. SHAREit will try to use your Wi-Fi connection to find another shareit user before starting a private network. Make sure the recipient is also connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, but if the Wi-Fi is not available on shareit, please have the recipient restart SHAREit software.

How to use shareit download on Android phones?

Please check if other device has the hotspot activated, then check the senders (WLAN) settings to check if it can search the activated hotshot device. If the sender cannot find the connection, the receiver should press "Receive" again. If the sender doesn't find the receiver after entering the searching page for a while, please tap the sender's icon or the avatar to refresh and find the connection.

shareit download

SHAREit Download

#1 app for cross platform sharing

shareit download

How to connect your iPhone/windows phone to the PC?

Just Make your phone and PC connect to the same LAN, or just connect your mobile phone to the hotspot created by your PC, on the main page of your PC Client you can see the Hotspots name and password and -> just download shareit from this site to the PC and start shareit on the PC and click show QR code -> You can see a button in the slide menu on your mobile “connect to your pc” to PC just tap that button -> After that just tap the scan to connect button at the bottom of your phone screen -> Align QR Code on PC within frame to scan -> And then scanning completed, now your mobile will be connected to the PC automatically.

What file types that can you send trough Shareit download?

SHAREit can share file types (photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and other) with no size restrictions.

SHAREit Download - Video Guide

Version 1.

Fix crash bugs

Version 1.

Fix UI bugs on WP81

Version 1.

Fix bugs, Increase loading file speed, Fix some crash bug, Optimize page animation, Fix UI bugs


Fixed fail to load photo bug on select file page, Optimize UI experience on small screen, Fix scan QR code bug for some devices


Fix user discover bugs, Fix UI bugs, Fix to send file to pc fail bug


Fix transmission bug, Fix connect android hotspot bug, Bring new select content UI for mobile version (UWP), Bring drag file feature for desktop version


Fix transmission bug, Add android hotspot scanner feature (Mobile Version)


Fix transmission bug, Optimization transfer experience


Fix transmission fail bug with android device, Add Wi-Fi direct password setting


Fix transmission crash with lower version (WP81), Fix scan QR Code crash bug for some device, fix some transmission crash with android,Adaptive UI for complete report on Desktop version,Optimize UI for transmission page,Optimize UI for scrollbar, Bring Wi-Fi Direct feature


Fix language bug


Bring Windows 10 Desktop Version, Add QR code scanner to connect pc, Add send file in transition page, Fix bugs


Bring Windows 10 Mobile Version

Which brands of devices does SHAREit download support?

SHAREit is for all the device platforms, does not matter what’s the operating system is Devices - LG, Asus, Lenovo, Mac, Dell, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Cool pad, vivo, and OPPO is all SHAREit-compatible.

System Requirements for PCs

• Operating System: Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10

• RAM (Installed Memory): Minimum 512MB OR more

• Free Disk Space: 50MB minimum for installation (You will need additional space to receive files)

System Requirements for Mobile phones

Operating System – Android/IOS/windows

RAM- 512MB or more

Disk space - 50MB minimum for installation (You will need additional space to receive files)

Language support

It is currently available in 39 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese


The product developer believes this product meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.

Extra information

The choice of OVER 600 Million users from 200 countries has been downloaded shareit. Top 1 downloaded App on Google Play in 24 countries and regions.


In-House Lenovo Team developed the Shareit app to compete with another app that has started the sharing service. The aim of the app was to compete with that app to acquire that market space.